Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day

Today was my first day of college, and right now I can confidently say that I chose the right major!! One of my first classes was Child Development, and as the professor was describing the course I found myself with a huge smile! I seriously can't wait to be a teacher, to be married, to hopefully have kids. I'm very exciting for this semester and hope that I learn a lot from that class.
Here is my corny first day of school picture..
On another note, I have been moved into my apartment for a week now, and I already feel homesick. I miss my friends so much, and being away from people that mean so much to me has shown me who I really loved and who was there for me. I love getting texts and calls from my friends because they mean so much to me, but it makes me miss them too.

As weird as it is seeing Mormons all around me everywhere I go, there are perks! Like five guys walking me home late at night. I call them my secret service :)

All is well with me here in Utah, I definitely miss my friends more than anything, but I'm hoping to meet some new ones to distract me ;)

Sarah Kimbal