Thursday, January 3, 2013

Too Much Dance for 35 people

On my mom's side of the family, there are 24 cousins. So every holiday or big event, it doesn't seem that there is a single ounce of boredom in the house. The second week of my winter vacation I spent with these cousins and their husbands or boyfriends, aunts and uncles, and grandparents in Utah (Provo and Midway). We had an array of events we participated in such as skiing, ice skating, tubing, going to the BYU basketball games, card games, ginormous meals, movies, and a bunch of other things. But most importantly - JUST DANCE 4. A small room in the basement of my cousin's house quickly filled with all the family when it was announced that Just Dance 4 was going on downstairs. The amount of heat in that room is only understood by someone who has participated in Just Dance in a small room with the same amount of people. 

2 days of hours and hours of play and screaming Justin Bieber and One Direction songs, and I was left with practically no voice and a shower. Family members rotated through songs and wii remotes, and I had a brilliant idea of compiling a video. 
Enjoy :)
(It might help to make it full screen so you can see the full affect)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two Sets of Siblings

When you have a dad like I do, there might be a slight bit of intimidation when the guys come to your door to pick you up from a date. Especially when they are trying to pick up TWO of your daughters.
Our grandpa got this shirt for my dad for Christmas, and he just HAD to wear it when two gentlemen picked me and my sister up for a double date.
D.A.D.D. - Dads Against Daughters Dating

Trying to find a day that both my sister Jessica and I could go on a double date right before disappearing out of state for two weeks was a challenge, but we figured something out and went out with Seth and Jacob Olson. That day they told us to wear crazy and weird clothes, so we took on that challenge and went crazy. Next, they supplied us with a list of strange items to bring, including a shoelace, pepper, socks, spaghetti noodles, and a couple other things. We felt truly prepared for the night, looking like complete weirdos.
My sister Jessica, 19, and I before the outing.

We kept thinking that these guys were going to show up in tuxes and embarrass us and take us somewhere nice for dinner. But they still showed up and had out-dressed us.

Me, Seth, Jacob, Jessica
They wouldn't tell us where we were going, but we pulled up into the bowling alley, and had a blast playing Horse and had lots of pictures taken of us. Afterwards we went to GoBananas (a frozen yogurt place) and used our props to create random skits and races. We had a chinese fire drill on the way home, but my door was locked and I couldn't figure out how to unlock it... Good thing the window was down! They dropped us off, but then thirty seconds later they rang the doorbell and said "We were going to have a dance party in Walmart, but we forgot our dates." Jessica and I got quite a kick out of that. But instead of Walmart we went to Target to play ninja, have a dance party, then get kicked out.
I had such a fun time with these guys and thought it was a very creative date :)