Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Choir Nerds go to New York

Why not travel with 60 other kids to New York to perform in Carnegie Hall. I hopped right on that plane. It had been almost two years since I had first visited New York City. It was exactly how I remembered it and I still felt super familiar with the subways. I went for my choir at Foothill High School to perform as a feature choir with madrigals and in a huge honor choir with 200 other kids. Our performance was amazing and Carnegie Hall is breathtaking. We got to explore Times Square, we saw the play Nice Work If You Can Get It with Matthew Broderick. It was hilarious. One night some of my friends, my mom, my brother and I all went out to a really popular dessert place called Max Brenner's, so good! Here are some super fun pictures of the trip!
Meet the Sexy Six.
Carnegie Hall
Me and Mother in Times Square

Times Square with some amazing friends!

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