Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Turning Point

In less than a month, I'll be eighteen. That is almost scary to me, but so exciting at the same time. I've realized that I have hit a turning point in my life. Spiritually, emotionally, socially. Every change makes me want to know every answer to every question I have. But these answers come with faith, time, and experiences. Its a huge leap I'm taking - getting ready to move onto college(I got accepted to BYU in Provo, Utah), meet knew people, and be so much more responsible for myself.

I sing in the Orange County Mormon Choral Organization, which recently combined with the East Valley (Arizona) MCO and traveled to Dallas Texas to perform at the American Choral Directors Association (you fellow choir nerds know how huge of a deal this is). With 700 performers, I believe that it was an amazing performance. The last song we performed was "How Great Thou Art". I felt the spirit so strongly and reminded myself in that split second that every Christian aspect of my faith is so true and I want to dedicate my soul to the Lord through music and my actions. I got so teary-eyed and wished that the song was longer. A total of 4 standing ovations and a 4 day trip with my best friends and two moms (my mom and my best friend's mom, Marianne Olson) forced me to think a lot about my future and who I want to be. Along with the huge impact it had on me, the trip gave me a weekend to forget about all my trials and get away with my true friends and just shop.

Emily Phillips, Nicole Donahoo, and Annamarie Olson

The next Monday I returned to California, the Seniors had a "senior munch" and instead of going to school we all got on buses and went to Universal Studios. Despite my dizziness from vertigo after going on every ride, I was able to enjoy myself. My friends don't know this until now if they are reading this, but the whole day I was thinking about how I hope I never lose the friends I have now. It brings me to tears when I think about how blessed I have been with the friends that God has given me. I hope that when I get married, they will be at my wedding. I hope that even though college will take us farther apart across the country, our hearts will still be close together. I want our kids to grow up and play together. I want to have those friends that I always believe in and know will be there for me, and I feel that I do have a couple friends that I care about just as much as they care about me. They are the kind of friends who have totally hilarious conversations and five minutes later can be serious and therapeutic. I am truly grateful for everything they have done for me; I love them very much.
My wonderful friends: Annamarie Olson, Mikayla Feldman, Kylie Jones, and Brooke Phipps
I love you all :)

I have little disasters most days, and huge disasters some other times. But every disaster ends up being a blessing and brings me closer to the Lord. One day I hope to find an awesome man, get married in the temple, hold onto my friends, raise beautiful kids, and be the best person I can be. Yes things will bring us down in life, but nothing should take away our hope.

Yes, I'm a dating hazard. But I'm sure worth the danger.

Sarah Kimbal

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  1. Love your perspective Sarah! You are at the best crossroads of your life right now, enjoy every moment! I am still best friends with my high school girlfriends and even though time and space keep us apart we still have the so much fun, roll on the floor laughing good time when we get together. It's the best. So happy to see the lovely young woman you are blossoming in to. You rock!