Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Once Upon A Formal"

Preparation: nails, hair, makeup, dress, shoes, flowers
When I make a list, it doesn't look like a lot of preparation for a Winter Formal. But in a split second if something goes wrong, it can become very stressful.
Nails: after getting my fingernails done, I realized in order to paint my toenails I would have to ruin my fingernails. Dangit...
Hair: I was planning on a friend doing my hair, but she sent me a text an hour after she was supposed to be at my house and said she couldn't get off work. Plan B. I had made a bow that matched my dress so I just stuck with that.
Makeup:  I would say it went well :)
Dress: Very hard to take off, but I got it 2 years ago at Nordstrom Rack on clearance for $20
Shoes: I intend to return them this week... They broke when I was taking them off on the way home. But they were so cute, what a bummer!
Flowers: I ordered a white flower with loads of silver ribbon. They gave me a greenish orchid with one tiny silver bow. Fail?
The Final Product

Date: The amazing Michael Mazda picked me up in his brother's Infiniti (a fun surprise). His tie perfectly matched my dress; he was quite a catch ;)
We were in a group with his lacrosse buddies, and had an amazing elegant dinner at one of their houses. The dance was at Soka University in Aliso Viejo. After a stressful prep, Michael made the night so fun I forgot about everything, and it was worth every penny :)

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